Eric Church Leads His Outsiders at Mohegan Sun

Eric Church
The Outsiders World Tour
w/ Dwight Yoakam and Brandy Clark
October 25, 2014
Mohegan Sun Arena, Connecticut

I have seen Eric Church many times over the years, from small clubs and bars to him being a supporting act for other headliners.  Over that course of time I always thought he stole the show, but wondered what it would be like to see him perform at a big time venue with a stage and experience he personally planned out.  When The Outsiders World Tour passed through northern Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena, I had my answer.  He did not disappoint in the least. 

The festivities kicked off that night with a set from singer/song-writer, Brandy Clark.  I last saw Brandy in New York City’s intimate venue, The Bowery Ballroom, when she opened for Kacey Musgraves.  That night she captivated the smaller crowd with her descriptive lyrics and story telling ability.  This night was a bit different as her set did not translate to a larger scaled arena.  Most fans did not know who she was and had never heard her songs, other than the covers she selected.  Further, her stationary performance style in such a large arena lacked any energy whatsoever.  I think Brandy is very talented and hope to see her again in a smaller venue, where she really can shine.

Dwight Yoakam was next on the bill and the lack of energy that Brandy Clark had was completely different from the style he came out with.  Despite having an awful sound manager his performance was quite fun.  He had some unique dance moves and leg movements during the guitar solo’s in the midst of his hit filled set.  Dressed in the Canadian Tuxedo complete with a cowboy hat that would make Clint Eastwood proud, Dwight ran through songs such as Honky Tonk Man, Streets of Bakersfield, and even through a rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.  Dwight fought through the faulty microphone malfunctions and really put forth a solid set. 

After a slideshow of VIP and press passes from all of the unique venues Eric Church and his band have played through the years, the lights went dim and Eric appeared on stage.  Fittingly, he jumped into The Outsiders acoustically until the band joined him after the first verse.  What followed was a visually stunning spectacle of lights, smoke, and moving apparatuses on stage.  In fact, Eric’s drummer descended from the large screen above the stage, something I have never seen before at a concert. 

Eric’s setlists have never been the same in the dozen or so times I have seen him and this night had plenty of surprises as well.  Of course, the hits such as Drink In My Hand, Smoke A Little Smoke, Cold One, Homeboy, and Give Me Back My Hometown were part of the list.  But the less known album cuts  such as The World Needs a Drink (selected by a fan club member), Hungover & Hard Up, Wrecking Ball and Rollercoaster were the songs I was most excited to hear.  For some reason, its these lesser played songs that really get the intense and passionate reaction that I love to see from Eric Church.

And that intensity and passion is exactly what has created Eric into the phenomenon he is today.  He is absolutely one of the leading front men for live shows as he has such a real and true reaction from the crowd and his own music.  His band is not all that impressive, in fact, I kept wondering what a instrumentally technical song like Cold One could sound like live if a skilled band such as Zac Brown Band would put their fingers to it.  But its not the band that the fans come to see, its the man with the shades.  And halfway through his set, just before Homeboy, he put on his infamous denim trucker hat and the energy in the building noticeably changed and things got a lot more rowdy.

After telling everyone what he would do if anyone messed with his little boy in Dark Side, an enormous devil like creature appeared in the far up of the arena as he fittingly launched into Devil, Devil.  If that was not enough, he followed it up with two of his most high octane songs, Country Music Jesus and Smoke a Little Smoke.  And while most artists would have probably ended it there, to the crowd’s delight there was still another seven songs left in the set.

A staple of Eric Church concerts today and forever will be highlighted by his career defining hit, Springsteen and his unique ability to work a different Bruce Springsteen song into it each night.  I know this tour has feature the classics Thunder Road, Glory Days, Born To Run and Born in the USA.  But on this night, it was Dancing In The Dark  that got the Eric Church treatment and it launched the crowd into an absolute frenzy.  See a video clip here:

Also among the final few songs were two songs which showed a sensitive side that most do not really known Eric has.  The first was These Boots which true fans show so much love for as dozens raised their cowboy boots in the air.  Eric even signed a few after the song finished.  He ended the night with a song he described as “a song we don’t play every night but is fitting for tonight” as he performed a stirring Those I’ve Loved Along the Way which brought goose bumps to anyone who can appreciate quality music as the lyrics are not only poignant, but his vocals were the best they were all night. 

All in the all the night was exactly what I had expected: intense, passionate, visually stunning and as energetic as any performer in the music business today.  I am happy that Eric Church is finally getting the notoriety that he has deserved for so long and this World Tour should do wonders for him for years to come.  In a day of bro country and pop country, if you are not one of Eric Church’s Outsiders, you are doing it wrong. 


Eric Church

  1. The Outsiders
  2. Creepin’
  3. Guys Like Me
  4. Hungover & Hard Up
  5. I’m Getting Stoned
  6. Talladega
  7. Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
  8. Drink A Little Drink
  9. The World Needs A Drink (Terri Clarke Cover, Eric Church wrote it)
  10. Sinners Like Me
  11. Cold One
  12. That’s Damn Rock and Roll
  13. Give Me Back My Hometown
  14. Homeboy
  15. Dark Side
  16. Devil, Devil
  17. Country Music Jesus
  18. Smoke a Little Smoke
  19. Wrecking Ball
  20. Rollercoaster Ride
  21. These Boots
  22. Lotta Boot Left To Fill
  23. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
  24. Springsteen
  25. Those I’ve Loved Along The Way (ENCORE)

Video Clip – The World Needs A Drink