Kip Moore Leaves NYC Up In Smoke

Kip Moore
CMT’s Up In Smoke Tour
with Charlie Worsham & Sam Hunt
September 25, 2014
Best Buy Theater, New York City

Kip Moore’s mutual love affair with New York City continued this past Thursday night with a show at the Best Buy Theater in the heart of Times Square.  I have been in attendance at the shows he has put on in the Big Apple the past few years, starting with Bowery Ballroom in 2012 and Webster Hall last year.  I have seen him perform in other cities and states, but there is something about the City that brings out the best in him, his band, and the crowds.  This night was no different.

The night kicked off with a stirring performance from Sam Hunt.  He may be an artist with only one radio single so far, but you would not have guessed that from the way the crowd knew basically each of his songs word for word.  Hunt performed songs from his mixtape as well as his upcoming album, to be released next month.  His six song set, highlighted by “Leave the Night On”, “House Party” and “Ex To See” showcased how dominating a performer he is, despite being so early in his career.  His songs are as pop as any artist in the country music genre can be, but also catchy as can be.  The crowd responded to his constant movement and dynamic performance.  I expect Sam Hunt will be around for a long time.

Charlie Worsham was the second opener and provided a less energetic set.  He performed free flowing and technical songs from his album, Rubberband.  I am a huge fan of that album and was really looking forward to seeing him live; however, found myself a bit let down.  However, his musical chops were undeniable as he changed from acoustic to electric guitars and even a banjo at one point.  He seemed to be a bit out of place in the Kip Moore concert crowd as his performance was relaxed and somewhat awkward.  I hope to see Charlie in a different venue or circumstance.  

When it was time for Kip Moore to take the stage, he came out like a bullet out of a gun.  The opening song, “Wild Ones” is what many are expecting to be his next radio single and it is as catchy and bombastic as any song on country radio.  The chorus of this song lets loose something fierce and the crowd with amazing energy responded to the party anthem.  


What followed was a twenty-one song set that shifted from party to emotional to nostalgic to romantic.  The song-writing that Kip and his co-writers possess along with the unique raspy delivery that he executes with really separates him from the rest of the younger generation of rising stars in country music.  And Kip performed a bunch of new songs for the hungry crowd as he explained how it has been frustrating for him that a new album has not been released yet.

But if these new songs are any indication, Kip may be on his way to CMA and ACM nominations galore.  “Hearts Desire”, “Backseat”, and “Lipstick” are destined to be radio hits as they are songs with detailed attention to the lyrics while delivered with the passion that is missing from so many of today’s artists.  

The Best Buy Theater became a word for word sing a long on hits such as “Beer Money”, “Dirt Road” and “Something About a Truck”.  However, it was some of his first album’s deeper cuts that were surprisingly the highlights of the night.  “Crazy One More Time”, “Fly Again” and “Everything But You” were performances nothing short of brilliance as he changed up the original recordings of the songs and the crowd almost drowned Kip out as the response was deafening.

Fly Again 
The CMT Up In Smoke Tour is a must see for any fan of country music as Kip Moore truly shows that he is set to become the genre’s next megastar.  The encore of “Faith When I Fall” mashed up with Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” has become a Kip concert staple, but always delivers on the genuineness that I associate him with.  Nothing is forced yet everything is done his own way.  He is not to be labeled an outlaw or in the bro country label, but should be considered a real and true artist.  Not many in the music business deliver with such realness than Kip Moore.  Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall, Best Buy Theater … what’s next?   Hopefully, a lot more.  

Kip Moore

  1. Wild Ones
  2. Crazy One More Time
  3. Baby Break My Heart
  4. What I Do
  5. Reckless
  6. Drive Me Crazy
  7. Beer Money
  8. Up All Night
  9. Dirt Road
  10. Hearts Desire
  11. Everything But You
  12. Separate Ways
  13. Backseat
  14. Fly Again
  15. Come and Get It
  16. Young Love
  17. Hey Pretty Girl
  18. Lipstick
  19. Somethin’ About A Truck
  20. Faith When I’m Falling (ENCORE)
  21. Free Fallin’ (ENCORE – Cover of Tom Petty)  

Charlie Worsham

  1. Rubberband
  2. Could It Be
  3. Microphone To My Heart
  4. Young To See
  5. Love Someone
  6. Be Alone
  7. Trouble Is
  8. Want Me Too 

Sam Hunt

  1. Raised On It
  2. Ex To See
  3. House Party
  4. Take Your Time
  5. Leave The Night On
  6. Break Up In A Small Town  



Kip Moore Previews His New Album at 92.5

Kip Moore
Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge
Country 92.5, Harford, CT
June 13, 2014

One of country music’s newest hit makers, Kip Moore, stopped by the Dunkin’ Donuts Music Lounge this morning, located at the Country 92.5 Studios in Hartford, Connecticut.  He treated a few lucky fans to an acoustic preview of a few of his songs off of his upcoming album as well as songs from his first release, Up All Night.  Kip was extremely funny as he interacted and joked with the crowd while giving background to each of the songs he played. 

He began with Crazy One More Time from his first album, which he explained was his favorite song he has recorded.  He followed it up with his new single Dirt Road, which told everyone was not about an actual road or even beer, but more about a rebellion.  He wrote the song with his friend Weston Davis, who was also at the studio with him.  He performed a stirring, stripped down version of the thoughtful song which paints a portrait of small town living in the listener’s mind as he sings the lyrics. 

He asked the crowd what they wanted to hear next and I shouted “Backseat”.  He heard my request and explained that Backseat was an underground song they had been singing and that he had just recorded.  He said that they song is “very racey” and lots of people had mixed views on whether it could be played on the radio.  Cory Myers from the Electric Barnyard on 92.5 urged Kip to play a snippet of the song and Kip finally agreed.  From the short version he performed, I can say it sounds absolutely awesome and I can’t wait to hear the full version and whole story in the song. 

Kip also performed two other new songs in full.  Lipstick and Just One Beer, both of which cover love song topics, but are from different views.  Lipstick  is a catchy tune about a man craving to kiss his woman, while Just One Beer is a mid-tempo song about a man hitting on a girl in a seductive way.  Both songs sound tremendous and make the wait for his new album that much more difficult.  He finished off with a slow, but beautiful rendition of his mega-hit, Hey Pretty Girl.  All in all, if you were present in the Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge today and could not recognize just how talented Kip Moore, you need your hearing checked.  His voice combined with the attention to his lyrics are what sets him apart.  I fully expect him to be one of country music’s mega-stars in the near future. 



1. Crazy One More Time
2. Dirt Road
3. Backseat
4. Beer Money
5. Lipstick
6. Just One Beer
7. Hey Pretty Girl

Kip Moore at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Kip Moore
Bowery Ballroom, NYC
w/ Chase Rice
August 3, 2012

Kip Moore brought his band up from Nashville to the busy streets of New York City as they took to the stage at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday night.  Moore, who is arguably country music’s newest rising star, released his album, “Up All Night” on April 24, 2012.  Before the show began I was able to catch up with Kip and he told me he was “going to rock it tonight”.  Let’s just say, he lived up to those words. 

Chase Rice, a relatively new name on the country circuit kicked off the show with a few acoustic tunes.  Rice is a former runner up on CBS’ “Survivor” during the season set in Nicaragua.  He has a very nice touch in his songwriting and connected with the crowd, despite sitting on a stool the entire time and not having a back-up band.  Songs such as “Only A Country Girl” and “Dirt Road Communion” seemed to resonate with fans and many even knew the words.  He told me after the show that he plans on setting out on Tour in the Fall with Kellie Pickler, among other names.  I look forward to hearing more from him the future

When it was time for Kip Moore to the hit the stage, the Friday Night New York City crowd was amped and ready.  Moore and his band came out swinging with “Crazy One More Time” and his newest single, which is currently #35 and climbing on the Billboard Country Singles Chart, “Beer Money”.  The crowd seemingly knew every word and Moore was full of smiles and energy as he and his talented band pounded out the two album favorites.  He stated to the crowd “man, I can drink with the best of them, but NYC you kicked my ass.  I came crawling back at 4 am last night”. 

Throughout his set, Moore thew in humorous statements in between his songs.  Moore has been dubbed the “Hill-billy Springsteen” for his songwriting style as well as his gravely voice.  This was extremely apparent on a song called “New York City, which he played acoustically.  He apparently had written that day in his hotel room when a “certain feeling overcame him”.  But this intimate song really showcased how much talent he has. 

Amongst numerous party songs that had the crowd enticed throughout, he mixed in a few love and breakup songs.  He talked about the three stages after a break-up before singing about the stages in “Fly Again” and he had all love birds hugging and kissing during the amazing song “Hey Pretty Girl”.  He stated he wrote that song when one of his guitarists told him that his wife was having a baby and they needed to really make it happen at that point.  His statement “we are all designed to find someone who you can go through life with” really resonates during that song.  I personally think that “Hey Pretty Girl” should be his next single. 

Moore was full of anecdotes and commentary on his songs and he told a true story of telling off a record company who wanted to change who he was during “Reckless”.  But the highlight of the night came when he spoke about his old pick-up truck.  He told the crowd his first  truck had 400,000 miles on it with no air conditioner and the windows wouldn’t go down.  But one day his father let him take his truck and … “Something Bout A Truck” was born.  The crowd sang most of the first verse and Moore was happy to let them do it.  A full on sing-a-long ensued and Moore was most active and energetic as he absolutely fed on that energy (see video below).

Moore finished off the flawless set with a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”.  I was hoping for a Springsteen cover, but no one seemed to mind.  I have been extremely impressed with his first album and was hoping his live performance would live up to my expectations.  That night, he did that and more.  He truly showed me he has the “it” factor that many new artists lack.  I expect we will hear a lot more from Kip Moore in the future. 


  1. Crazy One More Time
  2. Beer Money
  3. Mary Was the Marrying Kind
  4. Reckless
  5. Good Time Girl
  6. New York City
  7. Fly Again
  8. Motorcycle
  9. Baby Break My Heart
  10. Gunna Be a Big One
  11. Tell Me Where the Party At
  12. Hey Pretty Girl
  13. Something Bout A Truck
  14. Free Falling (Encore: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Cover)