Saturday Night Country Music in NYC with Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson & Tyler Farr

Rodney Atkins
Best Buy Theater, Times Square, New York City
with Josh Thompson & Tyler Farr
March 23, 2013

On Saturday night, country music fans flocked to New York City to drink, dance, and sing along with Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson and Tyler Farr at the Best Buy Theater, located in the heart of  Times Square.  Despite the brisk and windy Spring weather, fans lined up hours ahead of time to secure their spots at the front of the General Admission venue.  Once inside, they were entertained with a fast moving, high energy show from the moment Tyler Farr took the stage until Rodney Atkins chased the Devil out of the building.

Tyler Farr, a new name in the country music genre, took to the stage at approximately 8:00 p.m..  He took to the stage with a single guitar and no backing band and performed an impressive acoustic set.  I was first introduced to Tyler on the Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise back in October (see: and have become a big fan of his music.  He has a unique voice that is both powerful and deep. 

Tyler started off with a few cover songs, including Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, and even an acoustic version of Flo Rida’s “Whistle”.  He then switched things up and sang his last single (and the first off of Columbia Records), “Hello Goodbye”.   It is always difficult for a new artist to capture the attention of the crowd while playing acoustic, and the crowd began to talk during the first verse.  However, when the bombastic hook was projected from Tyler, the crowd immediately shut up.  I could hear people around me whisper phrases such as “Wow”, “he is really good”, and “what a voice”.  For the rest of the set people gave him the respect that he deserves. 

He finished his set with an impeccable performance of the fun “Hot Mess” and his latest single, “Redneck Crazy”.  He urged the crowd to call their radio station and request the song “because I’m too damn tired of being broke.”  Somehow, I think his fortune is about to change.  I expect big things from Tyler Farr and when he returns to New York City next time, he will be a household name. 

Josh Thompson took the stage after Tyler Farr and came out swinging immediately. His performance consisted of high energy backed by a rocking band from start to finish.  I last saw Josh perform as the opening act on the Dierks Bentley tour a few years ago (see: and his live performance has improved greatly as he is very confident and at home in front of a crowd. 

Josh’s setlist was covered with drinking and party music and the crowd responded with raised glasses.  However, he was most authentic on the hit song, “Way Out Here” which sings about a proud country man who grew up on patriotism and real morals.  The crowd seemed to agree as a resounding chant of USA thundered through the venue.  Josh appreciated the love as he raised his own cup back at the crowd.  

Josh ended his set with his first single, “Beer On the Table” and easily accomplished the goal of an opening act warming the crowd up for the headliner.  I look forward to the next release by Josh Thompson, who has recently signed with Show Dog Universal, a music label owned by Toby Keith. 

Time finally came for one of country music’s finest hit makers, Rodney Atkins to take the stage.  I’ve seen Rodney a half dozen times at this point, and he never disappoints (see:  This night was no different.   

Rodney has a slew of #1 hits which were instant sing-a-longs.  He came right out of the gate with “Farmer’s Daughter” and included songs from each of his three albums.  The backdrop of the Best Buy Theater added to the performance as HD images of streets, back roads, the American Flag, as well as laser light shows mesmerized the NYC crowd. 

Rodney Atkins has a great ability to descriptively tell a story through his songs.  Tunes such as “Take a Back Road”, “Watching You” and “Cabin in the Woods” take the listener to place where it seems as if you were there along with him.  Rodney, who usually sticks  to his own songs,  added in a cover of Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” which was a pleasant surprise.

Rodney’s band keeps getting stronger and stronger, from the impressive skills of drummer, Kevin Rapillo, to the numerous guitarists who really have upped the energy level of Rodney’s set. Songs like “Cleaning This Gun” and the patriotic “It’s America” had a bit more passion and vigor when played live than the already impressive studio cuts. 

He finished the night off with an encore performance of his biggest song to date, “If You’re Going Through Hell”.  The crowd sang  along, word for word, with Rodney and stomped their feet along to the beat.  All in all, Rodney’s set was dependable, professional, and highly enjoyable.  I look forward to more from Rodney, Josh and Tyler Farr as well as more shows at the impressive Best Buy Theater. 


Rodney Atkins:

  1. Farmers Daughter
  2. About the South
  3. He’s Mine
  4. Take a Back Road
  5. One the Road Again (Willie Nelson Cover)
  6. Cabin in the Woods
  7. Country Boy
  8. Friends With Tractors
  9. Cleaning This Gun
  10. Watching You
  11. It’s America
  12. These Are My People
  13. If You’re Going Through Hell (ENCORE)

Tyler Farr:

  1. Long Haired Country Boy (Charlie Daniels’ Cover)
  2. Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Cover)
  3. Whistle (Flo Rida Cover)
  4. Hello Goodbye
  5. If You Were Mine
  6. Hot Mess
  7. Redneck Crazy

Josh Thompson:

  1. Down For a Get Down
  2. Blame It on Waylon
  3. Outlaw Music Out of Hand
  4. Won’t Be Lonely Long
  5. Hard Working God Fearing
  6. Hillbilly Limo
  7. Way Out Here
  8. Cold Beer
  9. Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones Cover)
  10. Beer On The Table
  11. Drink Drink Drink