Jason Aldean, FGL & Tyler Farr Burn It Down in Hartford

Jason Aldean
Burn It Down Tour
with Florida Georgia Line & Tyler Farr
August 2, 2014
Hartford, Connecticut

Jason Aldean brought his loud and rowdy tour to Hartford, Connecticut this past weekend, with a ample help from Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr.  This was one of the sold out shows at the Xfinity Theater and it was apparent from very early on, as trucks and cars filled the parking lots hours before they usually do for these shows.  What followed was an action packed show full of swagger, bravado, and high production.

I caught up with Tyler Farr on his tour bus before the show.  He spoke to me about being a Georgia Bulldogs College Football fan, touring with George Jones at 16 years old, his relationship with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and a new song he is recording with Jason Aldean called “Damn Good Friends”.  Check out the full interview here: http://millertimemusicspot.blogspot.com/2014/08/tyler-farr-interview-august-2014.html

Tyler’s performance was very impressive as he showcased strong vocals and a very genuine stage presence.  His five song set was a bit brief, but very memorable.  He combined two new songs, including his new single, “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”, as well as three from his first album.  The final two songs got a huge response from the sold out crowd as he was able to put the microphone out to the fans as the whole Theater sang back “Whiskey In My Water” and “Redneck Crazy”. 
Tyler has a very distinct voice, which, in my opinion, sounds even better live than it does on the recordings.  He has the songwriting chops, unique voice, and humble attitude to go a long way in this genre and I expect more big things to follow in his future. 


Up next was Florida George Line.  Anyone who knows me personally, knows I am not a huge fan of their songs, but I kept an open mind as I watched them perform.  Both members of FGL were as active as anyone I have seen live as they used every inch of the stage.  They included background visuals as well as a multitude of smoke blasts to enhance the visual performance.  I don’t think their band was plugged in as it seemed to be a back track most of the time, but for the majority of the crowd it did not seem to matter.  Their setlist included party song after party song and, albeit that I find the songs a bit corny and quite clumsy lyrically, the fans seemed to love them. 

Jason Aldean finally hit the stage at around 9 pm and came out with some old hits first.  Backed by a plugged in and raucous band, highlighted by the hilarious and talented drummer, Rich Redmond, Aldean’s performance was indeed the best I have ever seen put forth by him in the many times I’ve seen him.  “Hicktown”, “Amarillo Sky” and “That’s My Kind of Party” were all performed early in the show, while he concentrated on a lot of the newer material in the second portion of the show. 

Aldean has stepped up his live performance game for this tour with stunning visuals, moving screens and lights, tons of pyrotechnics, and constant movement on stage.  In fact, he smiled a lot more and genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself on stage.  And why not?  The crowd’s noise continued to rise as fans exploded into the aisles singing and dancing their hearts away.  FGL joined him for “The Only Way I Know” as they attempted to sing Luke Bryan and Eric Church’s verses.  Further, he performed his new single, “Burning It Down” (video clip below). 

All in all, this was the best Jason Aldean show I have seen yet.  All the intricate details were well conceived and Aldean and his crew masterfully executed.  “Dirt Road Anthem” was as loud as I think I’ve ever heard a theater and the entire show had a feeling of electric energy. I really would not be surprised if this Tour and his upcoming album earned him a well deserved Entertainer of the Year Award. 


Tyler Farr

  1. C-O-U-N-T-R-Y
  2. Ain’t Even Drinkin’
  3. A Guy Walks Into A Bar
  4. Whiskey In My Water
  5. Redneck Crazy

Florida Georgia Line

  1. It’s Just What We Do
  2. Party People
  3. Shine On
  4. Round Here
  5. Stay
  6. This Is How We Roll
  7. In A Hurry (Alabama Cover)
  8. Cruise

Jason Aldean

  1. Hicktown
  2. That’s My Kinda Party
  3. Tattoos On This Town
  4. Amarillo Sky
  5. Big Green Tractor
  6. Johnny Cash
  7. The Truth
  8. Take A Little Ride
  9. Fly Over States
  10. When She Says Baby
  11. 1994
  12. Night Train
  13. Don’t You Wanna Stay
  14. Only Way I Know (with Florida Georgia Line)
  15. Burning It Down
  16. Dirt Road Anthem
  17. Crazy Town
  18. She’s Country (Encore)


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