Beer Vs Bourbon – Cheap Blanton’s, Broadway Picks Wine Over Beer, Things That Make You Go Hmm, Taylor Swift Jumps Ship, Weekly Degenerate, Charlie Berry

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

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:38-3:21 Miller Time takes inadvertent break from bourbon

3:35-6:49 Broadway ditches beer for wine (St. Julian Meconi…an ice-D Frontenac)

6:53-8:37 Things That Make You Go Hmmm

8:51-13:46 We try and make sense of Taylor Swift’s new record deal

13:56-38:00 Weekly Degenerate

38:16-45:38 Charlie Berry

Beer Vs Bourbon – FREE Bourbon Perks, Founders Brewing Up Trouble, Gary Quinn, Dominant Chord, Jade, Weekly Degenerate

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This week’s lineup is as follows:

:23-3:22 FREE Maker’s Mark stuff

3:29-7:05 Founders CBS is different this year

7:17-19:59 Gary Quinn (

20:03-31:07 Filmmaker Jeremy Leroux (

31:13-35:04 Broadway’s former co-host, Jade

Beer Vs Bourbon – Big & Rich’s John Rich Talks Redneck Riviera Whiskey

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

:32-2:05 Zelus Beer’s electrolyte beer

2:21-6:04 Whiskey of the Year

6:20-26:27 Big & Rich’s John Rich calls the podcast

26:31-36:19 Time for 5: Our dream Crossroads pairings

36:29-51:57 Weekly Degenerate

Beer Vs Bourbon – Founders CBS, Pappy Lotto, Xmas Tree Stories, Matt Foley Moment

Beer Vs Bourbon

Is Founders CBS worth the money, an update on the Pappy lotto, Miller Time’s tales from the tree lot, and Broadway’s Matt Foley moment with Darius Rucker.