Beer Vs Bourbon – Broadway’s Big Announcement, Liberty Pole Spirits, Restaurants Are Screwing Up The Beer, Jagoffs, Listener Voicemails, Things That Make You Go Hmm, Living In Australia

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

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:00-:51 Broadway’s Big Announcement

2:11-19:35 Liberty Pole Spirits Interview

20:08-23:16 Restaurants Are Screwing Up The Beer
+Nick from Stick City Brewing Co.

23:46-26:35 Jagoffs

27:11-34:01 Listener Voicemails

34:29-37:21 Things That Make You Go Hmm

37:37-50:32 What’s it like to live in Australia?




Voice over provided by Matt Gilcheck Voice Over

Graphic design by Paul Baker

Music from Marc The Bull

Beer Vs Bourbon – FREE Bourbon Perks, Founders Brewing Up Trouble, Gary Quinn, Dominant Chord, Jade, Weekly Degenerate

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This week’s lineup is as follows:

:23-3:22 FREE Maker’s Mark stuff

3:29-7:05 Founders CBS is different this year

7:17-19:59 Gary Quinn (

20:03-31:07 Filmmaker Jeremy Leroux (

31:13-35:04 Broadway’s former co-host, Jade