The CMA Awards: Who Will/Should Win?


The 2015 CMA Awards: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?


Two times per year, I sit down at the TV excited to watch a country music awards show only to be usually very disappointed by who ends up winning the awards.  The CMA Awards and ACM Awards have become a political ass kissing fest, where the actual artists most deserving of the awards get slighted by the ones who play the games the Music Row wants them to, as well as have the “right” label backing them.  That being said, the Awards show are fun because the multitude of performances, including an array of collaborations.  The CMA Awards are usually much better than the ACM’s, in my opinion, because Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are phenomenal hosts and their opening monologue is usually hysterical.  I know a lot of “bloggers” do a similar post like this, so I am not reinventing the wheel here.  But, rather than bitterly posting tweets about the award winners on twitter, I thought I would get out my arguments and anticipated frustrations ahead of time, so that I can enjoy a bottle of bourbon and country music on my television in peace tonight.  Here it goes, whether you agree or disagree, does not matter in the least to me:



  1. American Kids – Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird, Shane McAnnaly
  2. Girl Crush – Liz Rose, Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey
  3. Like a Cowboy – Randy Houser, Brice Long
  4. Like a Wrecking Ball – Eric Church, Casey Beathard
  5. Take Your Time – Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally, Josh Osbourne

Will Win: Girl Crush.  It was a polarizing and controversial song, for some reason.  I guess because people either did not listen to the lyrics or did not understand them.  But this song will most likely win this category.

Should Win:  Like A Cowboy would get the vote from me.  The song paints a great picture when you listen to it and that is what makes the best country songs.  Plus, the way it is written allows Randy Houser’s voice to soar on it.

Side Note: How in the world is Take Your Time nominated?  It’s not even a song that is sung by Sam Hunt, it is basically spoken word.  Awful.


  1. American Kids – Kenny Chesney
  2. Girl Crush – Little Big Town
  3. I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
  4. Take Your Time – Sam Hunt
  5. Talladega – Eric Church

Will Win: I Don’t Dance

Should Win: Talladega would get my vote, but would not mind seeing Lee get the award either.  Both songs are about nostalgic moments in life and both are meaningful and reflective.  Talladega, to me, seemed like a song everyone was talking about all year.



  1. Old Boots, New Dirt – Jason Aldean
  2. Pageant Material – Kacey Musgraves
  3. Pain Killer – Little Big Town
  4. The Big Revival – Kenny Chesney
  5. Traveller – Chris Stapleton

Will Win: Traveller – Chris Stapleton.

Should Win: Traveller – Chris Stapleton.  It is, hands down, the best album from start to finish, of the year.  It’s got unbelievable lyrics and soulful vocals on each and every song.  As DeeJay Silver told me earlier this year: “if this album was released 20 or 30 years ago, we would still be talking about it today as one of the best of all time.”  I think the voters will get this one right, but maybe I am giving them too much credit.  But with Chris being nominated for three awards and performing with Justin Timberlake, I think this is the Award he most deserves.



  1. Kelsea Ballerini
  2. Sam Hunt
  3. Maddie & Tae
  4. Thomas Rhett
  5. Chris Stapleton

Will Win: Sam Hunt.  The women love him and do not seem to mind that he is 0% country and wears leggings on stage.  But, this is probably one of the most predictable awards of the year.

Should Win:  I would like to make an argument for Stapleton but the radio just did not play him and his album sales were not as big as Hunt’s.  I would not vote for Hunt and would vote for Stapleton, but I can see why Thomas Rhett deserves some votes as well.  He has had numerous hits, been on big tours, and has had an album that sold pretty well.


  1. Brothers Osborne
  2. Dan + Shay
  3. Florida Georgia Line
  4. Maddie & Tae
  5. Thompson Square

Will Win:  Florida Georgia Line.  This one is obvious however much I dislike their style of so called music.  They would also win the award for Douches Of the Year as well.

Should Win:  Maddie & Tae.  These two females came blazing on the scene with a song attacking bro-country and I respected them for that.  Their follow up songs have not been as popular, but since FGL puts out the same damn song time after time, I think M&T would get my vote her for being unique, at the least.


  1. Lady Antebellum
  2. Little Big Town
  3. Rascal Flatts
  4. The Band Perry
  5. Zac Brown Band

Will Win:  Little Big Town.  Apparently being a perennial opening act, selling a small amount of albums, having one polarizing song, yet having the right label to politic for you, wins you this award.  They certainly do not deserve this award from a strictly statistical position.  Both ZBB and Lady A have had more success this year than LBT, in sales, hits, and touring combined.  They will win this again, but it is an absolute joke.

Should Win: Zac Brown Band.  Did any of the other groups sell out 3 dates in Fenway Park, 2 in Citi Field, 2 in Wrigley Park, or Coors Field?  Did any of them play live on HBO with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl?  Did they have 3 #1 songs, one even on the Rock Charts?  Did any of them sell more than 200,000 copies of their album in the first week?  No, I did not think so.  But Zac and company don’t do ass kissing well, thus won’t win.  And that’s what really grinds my gears.



  1. Dierks Bentley
  2. Luke Bryan
  3. Eric Church
  4. Blake Shelton
  5. Chris Stapleton

Will Win:  Luke Bryan.  Big tour, big sales, politically correct.  He wins or Blake takes it because Music Row loves him as well.

Should Win:  Dierks or Church.  I can make arguments for both and absolutely loved “Riser” and “The Outsiders”.  They both had big tours and lots of hits.  They produce quality and have integrity.  Stapleton did not have any of the “stats” the other four had, but I would love to see an upset here.  If I was voting, it would be for Dierks or Church, with Eric probably edging him out.


  1. Kelsea Ballerini
  2. Miranda Lambert
  3. Kacey Musgraves
  4. Carrie Underwood
  5. Lee Ann Womack

Will Win:  Miranda Lambert, because she always does.

Should Win:  Carrie Underwood.  All of recent songs have been big hits and she deserves at least a split of these awards that Miranda seems to somehow get 100% of.  I would love to see Kacey win in an upset, but I do not see that happening.


  1. Garth Brooks
  2. Luke Bryan
  3. Kenny Chesney
  4. Eric Church
  5. Miranda Lambert

Will Win: Luke Bryan.  Same reasons as above.

Should Win: Kenny Chesney.  To me, Entertainer means live performances and touring.  Kenny and Garth had the biggest tours of the year.  Kenny sold out stadiums nationwide and had huge names open for him.  He won’t win and I could see Garth winning here in an upset.  But how Kenny does not win this every year with the Touring numbers he puts together is beyond me.

Luke Bryan - CT -Feb 2011