Beer Vs Bourbon – Untappd Comments, Bourbon Surprises, Things That Make You Go Hmm, CJ Solar, Jagoffs, Tales From A Christmas Tree Salesman, Grady Smith Talks GRAMMYs, Time For 5, Weekly Degenerate

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

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:57-5:07 Untappd Comments

5:08-7:16 Bourbon Surprises

7:17-9:38 Things That Make You Go Hmm

9:39-19:40 CJ Solar Interview

19:41-22:15 Jagoffs

23:31-36:00 Tales From A Christmas Tree Salesman

36:01-50:06 Grady Smith Talks GRAMMYs

50:07-55:52 Time For 5: Best Christmas Songs

55:53-1:14:03 Weekly Degenerate


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Voice over provided by Matt Gilcheck Voice Over