Beer Vs Bourbon – White Stouts, Howitzer Whisky, Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

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1:16-2:27 What is a ‘white stout?’
2:52-17:28 Howitzer Whiskey
18:08-39:22 Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion

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Beer Vs Bourbon – Big & Rich’s John Rich Talks Redneck Riviera Whiskey

Beer vs Bourbon Miller Time Music Spot

:32-2:05 Zelus Beer’s electrolyte beer

2:21-6:04 Whiskey of the Year

6:20-26:27 Big & Rich’s John Rich calls the podcast

26:31-36:19 Time for 5: Our dream Crossroads pairings

36:29-51:57 Weekly Degenerate